About us

The mess! The dampness! The endless laundry loads! Let’s be honest, baby drool is a real drag. Luckily for mamas and papas alike, Bibless Baby is here to help. For the first time, baby bibs and clothing are integrated in a fashionable way thanks to Bibless Babies. Compliments of its unique fabric, Bibless Baby bodysuits keep baby clean and cool compliments of their stylish designs and innovative material.

 The brainchild of mompreneurs Leni Sender and Annika Lieberman, they say, “Bibless Baby was created out of necessity. We were over our babies having stained shirts and damp tops and chests. Having a bib hanging around their necks was unattractive and yet another dirty baby item to add to the laundry.” Inspired to turn this mess into a YES, Leni and Annika dreamed up Bibless Baby: A chic bodysuit with a sewn-in bib to keep baby dry, clean and cute.

 A market first, Bibless Baby is comprised of stain resistant fabric available in a variety of stylish patterns. Made with love in Miami , Florida. 

 For a happy and hip baby, simply slip on a Bibless Baby bodysuit where we are firm believers that drool is not cool.